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This painting captures a subtle shilouette of a majestic leopard featuring delicate golden tones and impulsive chalk lines. The painting is made on a textile collage background.


First several layers of paint is applied on organic cotton canvas as thin layers to recreate the crumbling effect of Pompeiian murals. Then Gergei cuts the textile into pieces and re-applies it on the canvas piece by piece, by hand. Each part is then meticulously positioned to create a subtle layer of varied shades of whites as an hommage to mosaics and antique marble surfaces where each stone piece has it's own colour and character. The technique is highly time consuming. This painting juxtaposes acrylic, oil and soft pastel surfaces, strong impulsive lines in a balanced yet accidental way to pay hommage to the naive drawing style of ancient illustrations.


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The painting comes unframed in protective packaging.

Dimensions are 120cm x 120cm x 2cm

POMPEIIAN LEOPARD I. 120cm x 120cm

  • Unframed one off painting - signed

    Textile collage on cotton canvas

    Acrylic , Oil and Soft pastel

    Dimensions are 120cm x 120cm x 2cm

    Non refundable

    Comes in protective packaging